Following the most recent Club lockdown virtual meeting, Falmouth RFC are determined to be ready for the next time the RFU ‘release the handbrake’ and allow local rugby clubs to get back on to the pitch. ‘Like the bad weather, the lockdown must come to an end’, said John Bullock, Falmouth RFC Chairperson. He further added, ‘when it is possible to play, we want to make sure we are ready’. He, like other Club members, will remember the surprise RFU announcement that allowed a quick return to club rugby before Christmas.

John is concerned for the welfare of our Players and Club members as the winter months continue. He has made sure that, where possible, access to club media is available to keep the spirit of our rugby community alive, combatting the feeling of isolation and connecting people through shared passions. Club Secretary, Jon Baglow, and Club Captain, Tom Spiller, have ensured that relevant support is out there for all our people, and that, when the time is right, and the club can open the pitch and facilities, our players and members are good and ready to go.

The ‘Thursday Gang’ and Paul Stephens, our Groundsman, have ensured the Club facilities remain well maintained and ready for the return of the Club’s community. The Clubhouse protocols had been put in place prior to lockdown so, on re-opening, the wider membership can once again enjoy what is a thriving ‘top of the town’ sports facility.

By the end of January, the RFU and CRFU reviews will have been made about the safe return to rugby, with, hopefully, a re-issued timetable. This will Inevitably lead Senior Players, Colts, the Falmouth RFC Youth Academy, and the newly developed O2 Touch group, to understand when they can get their boots back on to finish what can only be described as a fractured season. Perhaps the plans for the traditional Easter tour visitors can be fulfilled. Importantly the restart to the season and the return of rugby to the Rec will be a chance to celebrate and strengthen our rugby community bonds.

So, for now the RFU’s COVID strapline has been partially amended and adopted by the Club.

It is now popularised as ‘Stay home, stay safe but stay optimistic’.

The future’s bright. The future’s black and White, be optimistic.

We will bring you a further update of ‘The road back to rugby’ in the next two weeks as the Club, County and RFU representatives continue to plan for the future.

As ever,

Falmouth RFC

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