As the Nation (that’s Cornwall by the way!) begins to roll out of ’lockdown’ I hope you are thinking ‘What’s the Club doing? It has been a while since a John Bullock ‘ramblings’. Well, lots is my reply but before I update you, I hope you all remain safe and well and would like to emphasise that the Government, RFU, Cornwall RFU and Cornwall Council have put out some great guidance which I hope you are all following (and the Club is).

Firstly I’d like to bring to your attention to the Headway campaign sponsoring event that’s currently happening and linked to our Facebook page, after the most unfortunate accident that happened to one of our Under 16; we offer our unreserved support and hope the ‘The Falmouth Rugby Family’ get involved.

So, what’s been happening? Well what has been superb is the way that you, our Club members, have responded to the pandemic: the support to each other, the group chats, the banter and posts, the quizzes, the friendship, the use of the Recreation Ground by both members (and the wider community) has been really heartening; for me the Club and the friendships we have forged as a family (The Herd!) through rugby have been strengthened and show how important our Club is.

The use of the Rec (which has been superbly maintained free of charge by Paul Stevens - thank you Paul), has really emphasised how important our green space is to Falmouth, I’ve watched people running around the perimeter track, the pitch being use for individual skill training, for kicking practice, for sun bathing, for cycling, for singing and, I’m sure, so much more.

I think I hear you saying ‘John we know that! But what’s been happening behind the scenes?’

Well I have broken my arm, James has fractured his big toe, Mark has lost 10 kilos and our respective wives have put up with hell! But I know you’re not interested that!

So where are we going? You will see on our home page we are now in Phase B of the RFU’s return to play calendar and we have issued a covering letter, a Risk Assessment and guidance for Coaches and players to start some conditioning training. The maximum number allowed is a coach plus five and on a quarter of the pitch, but it is a start. As the RFU issues further guidance we will derive further advice and communicate it via our web page.

What of the Club House? Well lots of work has gone into the Club House via the Thursday Gang and it is coming together well. We (The Management Team) have looked closely at what we do with the Club House and have come-up with a new operating model to match the changing and difficult times that the pandemic has forced upon us. I have plagiarised a model from my previous experience and created a new voluntary post ‘The Clubhouse Operations Manager’, We have written a set of Terms Of Reference which effectively focuses on the ‘behind the scenes’ area of the bar. It is an exciting but demanding post which I am very pleased to say Miss Louise Casterton has taken on. She is now helping lead the re-opening of the Clubhouse soon and I’m very grateful to her and the other volunteers who have put hours into our Club (I look forward to seeing you all there at a socially responsible distance using the biggest beer garden in Falmouth!!).

In other news, Ross Johnson has been driving hard in his community role and is in discussions with the Schools reference the Tregenver pitch. What is great news is that the new Academy (which takes over in August) has agreed to us using the pitch under our previous terms so the pitch will be available to us. We’ve also hosted the MOD’s COVID testing team and offered the ground and Clubhouse to all sorts of community groups to help in the current climate.

Potholes- Those of you who have been at the Club will have noticed that Wales & West Utilities are still using our ground as a compound I have negotiated an agreement for the Wales & West to aid us with pothole filling, hopefully you will see a difference soon…

What do we need? More support and ideas please. Louise always has things that need doing, so please come forward and help-many hands make light work and all that.

How can you help? We are currently looking for a new Honorary Secretary, Jon Baglow, who has been in post for five years would like to relinquish it; again it a demanding but most rewarding role and you know everything that is going on in the Club. The new Honorary Sec will be instrumental in bring in the Club forward implementing a new Cloud-based IT System across all areas. I’m also looking for someone to help organise and run the use of the grounds particularly the Car Boot, Circus, Fair, Carnival etc, etc; if you think you would like to be involved please shout.

When we gained Club Accreditation with the RFU I promised I would present the new business plan for the Club. I hope you all understand that I have personally put this on hold in the current most uncertain climate but I am looking for someone with perhaps some past experience in business planning to help me; again if you have an idea, are the proud owner of this skill set I’d love to hear from you.

AGM- Last year the AGM was held on 17 Jul, again with the current pandemic climate I have postponed this most important meeting until I can use the indoors of Clubhouse and we better understand our way forward, I hope you understand.

I know a long ramble but hopefully useful and lets you know what has been and is happening.

What next? Opening of the Clubhouse – Saturday 11 Jul from 1200!

Stay safe, look after each other and I look forward to seeing you all soon, hopefully on Saturday.


As ever,


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